Tuesday, February 23, 2010


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As part of Library Ireland Week, LSAD and LIT Campus Libraries are asking you, our patrons, to choose your favourite LSAD/LIT LIBRARY book and to tell us why it holds a special place in your heart...your explanation can be a sentence or a paragraph. All entries will be entered into a draw for numerous lovely prizes. Closing date 12th March….

What’s yours?

Brid Foster, Deputy Institute Librarian, Retires

Brid Foster began her career in the LIT when the Library was a Porto cabin with buckets strewn around to collect the dripping rainwater! She worked tirelessly through the years to improve the services and oversaw the renovation of both campus Libraries. She had an uncanny knowledge of the materials and was a blessing to any student struggling with their research. As Deputy Librarian for the LIT & LSAD. She was a very popular member of staff amongst both academic and administrative personnel and will be dearly missed by all. To mark the occasion we had a lovely celebration in the Greenhills Hotel, where Brid was surrounded by friends and family, presented with gifts and danced the night away. (pictured below)