Tuesday, January 26, 2016

LSAD star reader

The most beloved LSAD sculpture technician Pat Biesty is a genius who has the perfect solution to being stranded on a desert island .. Just don’t count on him to get you a take-away! Childhood book -  favourite daytime reads were Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle and favourite bedtime was The tiger that came to tea by Judith Kerr College book - Ways of seeing by John Berger Desert island
- Encyclopedia Britannica complete 30 volume set 15th edition plus 12 volume extra—the ones that every house in the country had at one stage, before the internet. I could read a few, burn a few for fuel, maybe eat a few, and if I had a bit of PVA make a boat to get off the island, …..and a kindle with a library of books! My mother told me this one. When I was 10 I went to the local library with her, went up to the counter and said, "I'll HAVE A CHEESE-BURGER, CHIPS AND A COKE!" “Shhhh! Please" says the librarian. "This is a library. You'll have to be quiet!" My mother makes me say sorry, after a few minutes I whisper in a very low voice, "I'll have a cheese-burger, chips and a Coke!"

Artists’ Books Limerick Exhibition February 2016 LSAD.

ABLE - Artists' Books Limerick Exhibition is an exciting exhibition open to Students and Staff of LSAD - both past and present! Closing date for submissions is Monday, 8th February and the exhibition will run in the foyer from 15th -29th February. Gonna be great folks!!!! To coincide with the ABLE Artists' books exhibition, LSAD are delighted to run four different workshops on various aspects of book-making and binding techniques. Bella Walsh , Artist, Printer and Bookmaker is running these. These workshops are scheduled for 28th and 29th January. Workshop A: Thurs 28th 10.00am - 12.30pm 'Concertinas and folded books'. Workshop B: Thurs. 28th 1.30pm - 4.00pm. Glued case bound books. Workshop C: Fri. 29th 10.00am - 12.30pm ' The Coptic, complex single leaf binding. Workshop D: 1.30pm - 4.00pm 'Coptic - continued' For more information - contact Anne Culhane or Alan Crowley….or the Facebook page ABLE LSAD.

Friday, January 15, 2016

The World Mourns …..Alan Rickman and David Bowie

Two of the worlds greatest creatives EVER- passed away this January, leaving in their wake a body of work that will live forever. Both were voracious readers. Alan was featured in the ‘Read’ series of posters. Created by the American Library Association (ALA) in 1985, the “READ” poster features a celebrity posing with their favourite book. The celebrities are chosen because of their popularity, appeal, and visibility to a general audience, and the ALA tries to feature a range of diverse talents who would be inspire both adults and children. He chose The catcher in the rye. A list of 100 of Bowie’s favourite books has been unveiled as part of the launch of the ‘David Bowie Is’ art exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Bowie’s literary list is as eclectic as the man himself, it contains fiction/non-fiction, essays, poetry and comics. It features classic novels like A Clockwork Orange, The Great Gatsby and Lolita, Rock Criticism includes Mystery Train and Sweet Soul Music. The list ranges from highbrow titles The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind to light reading in the form of a compilation of The Beano. To see the full list go to http://www.davidbowie.com/news/bowie-s-top-100-books-complete-list-52061