Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Please take time to peruse LSAD Library's exhibition on Banned Books which is on display in the corridor outside the library. You’ll be amazed and astounded at what the censorship board stopped...and their reasons why! This exhibition was curated by head of photography Paul Tarpey in collaboration with Cork City Library. DID YOU KNOW? To give you some idea of how strict censorship was, the word “pregnant” did not appear in print until 1960. Until then it always printed as “she is expecting a happy event.” Some Banned Novelists from the 1930’s: Liam O’Flaherty, Sean O’Faolain, George Bernard Shaw, Sammuel Beckett, Sean O’Casey Some Banned Novelists from the 1940’s Brian Merriman, James Joyce, Patrick Kavanagh, Walter Macken Some Banned Novelists from the 1950’s& 60’s Benedict Kiely, Frank O’Connor,Edna O’Brien,John McGahern

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Happy Halloween

A.B.L.E.-Artists’ Books Limerick Exhibition

February 2016 LSAD. Lsad Library is collaborating with Staff member Alan Crowley in arranging an Artists’ Books exhibition next February. Work has started on organising talks on the Library Collection, workshops on book-binding and printing, and will culminate in an exhibition of Student work (both past and present). An artist’s book is an artwork in book format, or an artwork which has its origin in the form or concept of the book. Artist’s books come in all forms, shapes and sizes and can be  created from  a variety of materials including wood, handmade paper, photographic paper, metal or stone. There can be folded, sculptural, traditional, altered, pop-up or loose leaf. It can include TEXT....or not. It can include IMAGES or not. The binding can be hand-sewn, boxed, commercially finished or non- existent. They can be one-off or limited to a certain number. And the content? Anything goes. As Eddie Vedder from the song 'Guaranteed' said…"I know all the rules, but the rules do not know me".  Lucy Lippard wrote “artists’ books are not books about art or on artists, but books as art”. LSAD Library prides itself on their ever growing collection and variety of Artists’ books. They now hold approx. 1,200 ‘books’ We’ll keep you posted as the details get finalised

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


BACK TO THE FUTURE WILL LIVE ON FOREVER IN THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS Each year the Library of Congress receives hundreds of nominations from the public, as well as the National Film Preservation Board, for films to be included in the National Registry of Films. From those 100's of nominations, 25 films from various time periods are selected which are believed to accurately represent the scope of America's celebrated movie-making culture. In 2007, Back to the Future was added to the prestigious program to ensure its preservation is maintained, so that future generations will have the opportunity to view the classic time-traveling tale.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


LSAD Library is open this Saturday, 17th Oct. 11am to 4pm.

Monday, October 12, 2015

LIT Library wins €1.6 million to modernize library services across Europe

LIT Library have been funded in two major EU funding programmes winning a total grant of €1,600,496 from the European Audio-visual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) to lead the modernization and development of quality library services across multiple countries in Europe. As Lead Partner and Grant Holder, LIT will lead the Capacity Building ERASMUS+ project Library Network Support Services: modernizing libraries in Western Balkan countries through staff development and reforming library services. LIT Library have also been funded as a partner in another ERASMUS+ Capacity Building project with a budget of €791,628 entitled Library Network Support Services: modernizing libraries in Armenia, Moldova and Belarus through library staff development and reforming libraries. The new projects will be managed by Jerald Cavanagh, Institute Librarian, LIT, on behalf of the Project Management Committee (PMC) and coordinated by Padraig Kirby, Senior Library Assistant, LIT. “The winning of these projects is a very significant development and will see LIT Library lead the process of reinforcing and modernizing all aspects of libraries in both the Western Balkan Region and in Armenia, Moldova and Belarus - improving the level of competencies and skills of library staff in the region “ This will see LIT Library take the lead role in the modernization of library standards & practices in seven countries in Europe. We are delighted and proud to have been selected by the EACEA to undertake these projects which will place LIT Library at the forefront of library modernisation in Europe In this year’s call, apart from Dublin City University, LIT are the only Irish organization who have been selected as grant holder to lead an ERASMUS+ Capacity Building project and out of 515 applications submitted LIT were one of 140 projects selected. This is not the first success LIT Library have had in the area of EU funding. In 2011, Limerick Institute of Technology through LIT Library became the first Irish institution of any kind to lead a Tempus project since Tempus began in 1990 with their leading of the EU Tempus project RINGIDEA: Developing information literacy for lifelong learning and knowledge economy in Western Balkan countries. This project also involves higher education institutions from Romania, Greece, United Kingdom, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo under UNSC Resolution 1244/99 and Montenegro. This project secured 1.2 million from the EU TEMPUS programme -the largest grant ever awarded to a library and information science project in the history of the Tempus programme. In 2012 LIT Library enjoyed further success with news of their involvement as a partner in the ASPIRE project, another European Union funded TEMPUS project. ASPIRE (Access to Society for People with Individual Requirements) aims to develop access to inclusive education in Armenia and Georgia. This €800,000 project which is led by Ilia State University, Tbilisi Georgia also involves EU partners from UK, Germany and Slovakia as well as 5 institutions in Armenia and 4 institutions from Georgia. This project will promote and develop access to inclusive education, to social integration and to non-discrimination treatment of those with special needs. In 2014 Jerald Cavanagh and Padraig Kirby were recognised by the European Projects Association for Distinguished effort in the Development of the European Union through European Projects and for efforts in building a better society for their Tempus project work in the Western Balkans Region. They received their award at the European Project Awards Ceremony which took place on October 8th 2014 in the European Parliament, Brussels. For further information about these projects please contact: Jerald Cavanagh, LIT Librarian 061 208806 Jerald.Cavanagh@lit.ie OR Padraig Kirby, Senior Library Assistant 061 293516 Padraig.Kirby@lit.ie Padraig and Jerald pictured below

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


LSAD Library are holding a 'referencing and how to avoid plagiarism' tutorial next Monday, 12th Oct at 3pm. As this is the first one, we are aiming it at Fourth years. Places are limited and we are taking names. Call in if you are interested!

Monday, October 5, 2015


An exhibition of the photography of Wally Cassidy will open in the LSAD foyer space this Wednesday October 7 at 7pm. Cassidy's book ' The Other Half Lives' documents the pre celtic tiger Ireland of the late 80's and early 90's and was published to critical acclaim in 2014. Prints from the book will be available to buy on the night @ 50 euro as will copies of the book supplied by O Mahoney's bookshop. This event is organised by LSAD's Photography and Lens based Media course and will be opened by its course leader Paul Tarpey. Of course - the book is also in your LSAD Library at shelf number 770.9415 CAS - and a brilliant book it is too!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Brian Friel dies 2nd October 2015

Brian Friel 1929-2015 The acclaimed Irish Playwright best known for Dancing At Lughnasa, Philadelphia, Here I Come and Translations passed away aged 86. Dancing At Lughnasa won the 1992 Tony Award for Best Play in New York; it was adapted for screen and filmed on location in Ireland in 1997. In addition to awards for his plays, Brian Friel received a lifetime achievement award from the Irish Times in 1999. Brian Friel -Writers and Their Work by Geraldine Higgins is available on library database ebrary.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Very Special Exhibition in LSAD Church Gallery

The Plane Invasion is an exhibition of monumental endeavours, showcasing the work of sixty different creative practitioners. One linking element between each member of the ‘Plane Invaders’ is that each person has in some way been inspired or touched by the work, life and friendship of the late artist Orlagh Spain.
In August 2012 Orlagh Spain, a Limerick-based artist from Tullamore, died too soon. Having graduated with first class honours from LSAD in Printmaking in June 2010 Orlagh’s first and final show was Anchorage; the Limerick Printmakers Studio and Gallery in 2011.
Orlagh excelled during her time at Limerick School of Art and Design and we are delighted that L.S.A.D will host the exhibition which will include many of its current students and staff along with many alumni. The exhibition will be opened by Anne Culhane, Librarian, L.S.A.D. and Des MacMahon Course Leader Printmaking and Contemporary Practice, L.S.A.D, on Wednesday the 8th of April at 18.00. They exhibition will be open to the public from Thursday 9 April – Wednesday 22 April, 10.00-17.00.
Anne Culhane LSAD librarian is also exhibiting at the show, her creation of five artist books are both poignant and beautiful.

Mary Clare O'Brien LSAD art Student graduate who is now on her way to being a librarian

Childhood book:
I get very nostalgic about the books that were read to me as a child. They were very often from the ladybird collection, most memorably ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’. I found Roald Dahl’s books very encouraging when I started to read myself and loved ‘The Twits’. Like most of my generation the Harry Potter books were a must read!
College Years: ‘Animal Farm’, ‘Slaughterhouse 5’, ‘Fight Club’ and graphic novel ‘This One Summer’ were some great books that I read while in college. The ‘Attachment and Loss’ trilogy by psychologist John Bowlby provided pivotal research for my final year in college. ‘The Paradoxical Object’ was a major source of inspiration for my college work that really helped me grow as an artist.
Library Story: I cannot think of one particular story about a library but rather an amazing overall experience. As recent graduate of L.S.A.D. I can safely say the Library there was an invaluable resource for me as a student. I would not have been able to achieve my academic goals without the help and support of the Librarians at the college. Their commitment to the library and the students has inspired me to follow their example and become a Librarian.
Desert Island Book: I always find myself going back to ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ as it never lets me down for a good laugh although ‘The Lord of the Rings’ would be a more tactical choice to bring to a desert Island as I’d get a bit more mileage out of it!

A &SL Annual Conference & Exhibition 'The inside out library: collaboration, inspiration, transformation' Thursday 26th & Friday 27th February 2015

LSAD Librarian Anne Culhane and I had the pleasure of presenting a case study on the special collection of artists books in LSAD library at the recent Academic & Special Libraries Annual Conference held in Dublin
The whole conference was effectively about how our libraries are becoming part of a wider community. Our case study demonstrated how proactively collaborating with staff, students and outside agencies and galleries, we effectively showcased and marketed the special collection, and therefore LSAD library, in new ways and to new audiences.
An artist book is a hybrid between a book and art...it’s basically a book that is art! There are many types - altered, zine, photo, pop-up, personal stories, to name a few- and they come in all shapes and sizes (pictured below). We began the collection when an LSAD student donated her end of year project -a beautifully carved artist book- to the library, we had helped her in her research into the genre and thereafter were hooked on it ourselves. We began buying from book fairs, word spread and lecturers and students collected them from far and near. Limerick Independent Publishers Salon (LIPS) was born as a result of a collaboration between LSAD library and the limerick Gallery ‘Ormston House’. We have had two exhibitions there to date, drawing huge crowds and participation from staff and students. There have been many class projects and workshops in LSAD and a huge amount of students creating their own artist books.
To date we have 1,200 artist books (and counting). To be given the opportunity to discuss the collection at the conference was a fabulous experience, and we were quite overwhelmed with the positive response and feedback we received.

Monday, March 30, 2015


EASTER OPENING HOURS: Open Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs  9am – 5pm.  (30th march – 2nd April) Closed Good Friday, Easter   Saturday, Easter Sunday & Bank   Holiday Monday.  (3rd April – 6th April) Open Tuesday, Wed, Thurs & Fri   9pm -5pm.   (7th April – 10th April)  Normal hours resume Monday 13th April.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Farewell Terry

There was widespread sadness when the great and beloved author Terry Pratchett lost his fight with Alzheimer's and passed away on the 12th of March 2015. He was best known for his comic fantasy series ‘discworld’, which included 40 books, he was writing the 41st when he died. He was constantly being awarded during his career, receiving a knighthood in 2009 for ‘services to Literature’, and an honorary degree from the University of Dublin in 2008. He also won the 2001 Carnegie Medal from the British librarians, recognising ‘The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents’ as the year's best children's book published in the U.K.
Here are a few of his famous quotes:
“ If you have enough book space I don’t want to talk to you”
“Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one”
“You get all sorts of people in the library, and the librarian gets them all..”
“If you don’t turn your life into a story, you just become a part of someone else's story”

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Training Stats

TRAINING SESSIONS:Thank you to all the students and staff who promoted and supported training sessions in LIT Moylish Library this year. Here are some facts and figures:
288 students attended training from September to March
Our busiest month was September closely followed by November
The most popular workshop was, yes you've guessed it: referencing, citation & plagiarism
The most popular day to attend training was Thursday

Thursday, February 26, 2015

200 Artist’s Books On the Move

Exhibition in LSAD Library
200 ARTIST BOOKS made by Andi McGarry spanning almost 30 years of production have gone on tour and their first venue is LSAD library. The books are all hand made using ink, paper, glue, simple binding, following delirious narratives and twisting into a whole plethora of shapes and sizes. Do come down and have a look as they go on their merry way at the end of March.