Thursday, November 7, 2013

lsad Library Exhibition to celebrate Library Ireland Week 2013

LSAD are delighted to be part of this exciting installed in our library from the 11th until the 22nd of November 2013 as part of the events organized for ‘Library Ireland Week’ 2013. Do come along to see it. Mysterious labyrinths, sparkling nuggets, obscure caves, alphabets ... where do these enigmatic marvels come from? From living organisms, observed at the microscopic level, and from the work of France’s most visionary writer, Jules Verne. The panels on display are a superimposition of scientific photographs from the Inserm image bank and old engravings illustrating the writings of Jules Verne. These striking images are the creation of Eric Dehausse, an iconographer at Inserm.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ANNE CULHANE…….LSAD Library legend gives us the lowdown.

What was your favourite childhood book? I can remember reading ‘The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe’ by C.S. Lewis and being so enchanted by it - that as soon as I would finish it – I would start again at the beginning. I bought it again lately just for the memories and was delighted when my daughter read it and was just as enchanted as I had been. What books had the most influence on you in your college days? ‘Heroes’ by John Pilcher, without a doubt. This book opened my mind to the struggles of people throughout the world. We are carried along on his journey as he traces his family history back to a number of countries and races including Ireland and Russia. He explores the reasons many of his ancestors were forced to emigrate in difficult and often brutal conditions. The resulting stories are at once harrowing, engrossing and illuminating. Do you have any memory or story about your college library? When I was an art student (many, many years ago !) There wasn’t any library!!! (Shock! Horror!) I joined both city and county public libraries and found them to be great. I always saw libraries as a haven where I felt at home. No wonder then, that I eventually landed up working in one and being perfectly happy to do so! If you were stranded on a desert Island what book would you like to have with you? It would either be the Bible or An Anthology of Irish Poetry. I would not consider myself to be overly religious but I think there are many lessons to be learned from the Bible. Plus, any book that mentions wine 228 times has to be good! I would also be happy with an anthology of Irish poetry. Poetry is music that is spoken and every time of reading or speaking can bring a different interpretation.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Seamus Heaney

Seamus Heaney 1939 – 2013 Bogland for T. P. Flanagan We have no prairies To slice a big sun at evening-- Everywhere the eye concedes to Encroaching horizon, Is wooed into the Cyclops' eye Of a tarn. Our unfenced country Is bog that keeps crusting Between the sights of the sun. They've taken the skeleton Of the Great Irish Elk Out of the peat, set it up An astounding crate full of air. Butter sunk under More than a hundred years Was recovered salty and white. The ground itself is kind, black but-ter Melting and opening underfoot, Missing its last definition By millions of years. They'll never dig coal here, Only the waterlogged trunks Of great firs, soft as pulp. Our pioneers keep striking Inwards and downwards, Every layer they strip Seems camped on before. The bogholes might be Atlantic seepage. The wet centre is bottomless.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

LIT Library ASPIRE towards inclusive education in Europe

From July 29th to August 15th in the Absolute Hotel, Limerick, LIT Library proudly hosted the visit of academics and practitioners from Armenia and Georgia who were participating in curriculum training as part of the ASPIRE European Union funded TEMPUS project. ASPIRE (Access to Society for People with Individual Requirements) which aims to develop access to inclusive education in Armenia and Georgia. The project which is led by Ilia State University, Tbilisi Georgia also involves Edge Hill University (UK), The Pyramid Group (Germany), Technical University Of Kosice (Slovakia) as well as 5 institutions in Armenia and 4 institutions from Georgia. This TEMPUS project will promote and develop access to Inclusive education, to social integration and to non-discrimination treatment of those with special needs in education in accordance with the Bologna Process and United Nations criteria. This will initiate the right of individuals with special needs to access education, to enjoy the right of participation in everyday society and to combat discrimination against them in society by instilling awareness and acceptance in society, as in line with Bologna Process and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Pictured: Jerald Cavanagh- Institute Librarian,Padraig Kirby LIT, with project participants from Armenia, Georgia, Germany and Slovakia

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Padraig Kirby received a Master of Science in Information and Library Studies with Merit from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. Colette Real received an honours degree in Information and library studies (B.Sc.Econ) from Aberystwyth University, Wales. Welcome back we’ve missed you madly over the Summer. We are very excited about meeting all our new students. Over the last few weeks you were given library induction tours so hopefully you are getting to grips with the layout and function. Your student card is your library card, and you may borrow books and DVD’s, you will also have journals and online databases available for your perusal. The most important thing to remember right now is that we are accessible and not to be afraid to come to the desk and ask us for help, we know it is a difficult few weeks as you adjust to a new environment but we’re here to help….so use us! Picyured above: Colette at her Graduation in July 2013, enjoying a fantastic day with family and friends which she said ‘made the last four years worthwhile’.

Monday, June 3, 2013

LSAD Lecturer new book..

LSAD Lecturer Dara Waldron has just pubished a new book Cinema and Evil: moral complexities and the dangerous film. A great read that is available in both LSAD and LIT library at shelf number 791.4 WAL.

Monday, March 4, 2013

LIPS (Limerick Independent Publishers Salon)

The Artists’ Book show at Ormston House in February was a great success. LSAD library were very proud to be involved in organising and promoting this fabulous exhibition: the perfect opportunity to showcase the library's special collection of Artists’ Books. There were over thirty five small independent publishers attending. The winner of the art competition, which was judged by the Library staff, was LSAD art student Helena Grimes, for her beautifully illustrated artbook .The prize was generously donated by O’Mahony’s booksellers