Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Please take time to peruse LSAD Library's exhibition on Banned Books which is on display in the corridor outside the library. You’ll be amazed and astounded at what the censorship board stopped...and their reasons why! This exhibition was curated by head of photography Paul Tarpey in collaboration with Cork City Library. DID YOU KNOW? To give you some idea of how strict censorship was, the word “pregnant” did not appear in print until 1960. Until then it always printed as “she is expecting a happy event.” Some Banned Novelists from the 1930’s: Liam O’Flaherty, Sean O’Faolain, George Bernard Shaw, Sammuel Beckett, Sean O’Casey Some Banned Novelists from the 1940’s Brian Merriman, James Joyce, Patrick Kavanagh, Walter Macken Some Banned Novelists from the 1950’s& 60’s Benedict Kiely, Frank O’Connor,Edna O’Brien,John McGahern