Monday, January 23, 2017


Colette Real: Our lovely LSAD Librarian tells us why Christmas was always so special and why she’s a great listener...and a few other titbits to boot! Favourite Childhood Book: Mandy comic book magazine for girls, which was published from 21 January 1967 to 11 May 1991, I got it every weekend. Then every Christmas I would get the Annual, which was the highlight of my Christmas day, reading these by the fire. College Book: The Art of Listening by Erich Fromm, because I used it for one of the first essays I had to write while I was doing my degree in Library and Information Science. Reading this book really increased my ability to listen more to students and staff. Maybe some Politicians would benefit from reading it! Recent Book: On of my favourite recent books is the Girl on the Train, it pulls off a thriller's toughest trick carefully assembling everything we think we know, until it reveals the one thing we didn't see coming. Nail biting to the end. What caught my eye for this book was Train...Witness to murder...Hitchcock...Rear Window. Those words will get me almost every time. Library Memory: On my first day working in LSAD library, a student came in and asked ‘do you have many books?’ I replied that we did indeed and was there one in particular she’d like, and she said ‘just many’..I was a little baffled until further probing uncovered she wanted books on the artist Manet, I have to admit it was hard to keep a straight face! Treaure Island Book: 50 shades of grey...or just give me the lead actor Jamie Dornan and he can keep me company :) .

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