Friday, January 20, 2017


Delighted and excited to have this fabulous book by our very own Tracy Fahey in our library and ready to be borrowed! The Unheimlich Manoeuvre is a collection of short stories based around ideas of the domestic uncanny – the Unheimlich. The stories in this collection don’t fall into the conventional ‘haunted house’ bracket, but explore the psychological horror that occurs when home is subverted as a place of safety, when it becomes surreal, changes, and even disappears… In these stories, a coma patient awakes to find herself replaced by a doppelganger, a ghost estate reflects doubles of both houses and inhabitants, a woman looks for the site of a Gothic atrocity, a suburban enclave takes control of its trespassers, and a beaten woman exacts revenge. Just as the Heimlich Manoeuvre restores order, health and well-being, the Unheimlich Manoeuvre does quite the opposite.

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